What's your message?

Our charter is to support the students emerging from Columbia University and shows them the benefits and opportunities of living in Houston. What is your message for them? 

If you like, let us know where you live or work in Houston. 

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  • Alex Rawls
    commented 2017-09-29 10:23:50 -0500
    Hi ,

    My name is Alex and I have recently started working for an Energy company in Houston after graduating from engineering school. I have become increasingly interested in future enrollment into a MBA program like that in which Columbia offers, and was curious if y’all have any sort of events where people like myself can come learn about Columbia’s program from alumni that have been through it. If there is, can you provide me with any information in regards to potential future events of this kind or other opportunities you may see fit for my situation?


    Alex Rawls
  • Summer (Wonjung) Ro
    commented 2016-11-11 16:06:46 -0600
    Hi All,

    I graduated GSAS this May and am looking for a job in upstream oil and gas, where I have 5+ years experience before coming to Columbia.

    I am visiting Houston now for 10 more days and I would love to connect with any Columbia alumni who works in this field to talk about the field and any job opportunities. Any alumni interested in meeting please drop me a line at wr2267@columbia.edu. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much!
  • Andrew Nat
    commented 2015-09-25 14:32:06 -0500

    Sorry I missedd the Columbia Connect Pot Luck last evening. I was merging onto the right lane to exit Main to attend the event last evening when I was side swiped by an 18 wheeler. I am fine, but it did put a damper on the evening.

    Hope all those attending enjoyed the event.


    Andrew Nat