2018 Board of Directors

CUCSTX, Inc. is a 501c(3) organization, incorporated in Texas, and doing business as Columbia Club in Houston. We have a self-sustaining board, which means that each year, the existing board votes the new board into position. We are not operating as a membership organization but we do have at least one meeting per year open to all members. 

For newsletter contributions, contact John at nolagodfather@caa.columbia.edu

Our current Board of Directors:


Theresa Quintanilla

Immediate Past President

Business 1984


Leslie Zahm


College 1999


Yang Zha


Graduate School of Art and Sciences 2015


Syed M Taha Hussain


Continuing Ed 2015

 Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

Director, Business Club

Business 2007


John Dean Alfone

Communications Director

College 1997

Peter Tesarek

Peter Tesarek

Director, Business Club


John Coumarianos icon

John Coumarianos

Director, Events

College 1988

Meredith Bishop

 Meredith Bishop

Director, Events

Law 2013






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