October 09, 2013

Brian Swain's new book will keep you laughing

In Brian Swain's newest book he addresses those vital questions including

  • What is the one true secret to weight loss? Curious Habits
  • What is the correct way to make a grilled cheese sandwich?
  • Is the designated hitter rule the salvation of baseball or its undoing?
  • Is it rational to be an optimist?

You may remember him as the Immediate Past President of the Columbia Club, but you should get to know his entertaining books. World Hunger and Alone in the Light are thrillers. My America is poem based on a week of driving across the country. Now he's released his first collection of essays. Says Laura Brann,

My copy has been on a plane, to the doctor's office, to the restaurant, and just about any place I needed a quick fix of humor.


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