May 15, 2014

June 19: Films by Columbia Alumni

CU FilmsOn Thursday, June 19, the Columbia Club of South Texas will screen a set of short films by Columbia alumni and students. 

Please join us at 14 Pews (an arts venue from alum Cressandra Thibodeaux, MFA 1997) for drinks at 6:30, then 100 minutes of fresh filmmaking at 7 pm. The event is free but seating is limited. More event details are here, where you can also RSVP. 

  • Above the Sea A young woman is forced to take extraordinary risks in the dangerous underworld of 1930s Shanghai when her life is threatened by a murderous policeman. (17 minutes) Written and directed by Keola Racela, produced by Lily Niu.

  • Socks and Bonds Determined to make a fresh start, a middle-aged couple ventures out to the Hamptons to sell the next big thing in hosiery and undergarments. (17 minutes) Directed by Daniel Zimbler, written by Elisabeth Gray, produced by Mimi Jeffries. 

  • Gloom Lázaro’s infatuation with his boss’ daughter becomes an obsession when the hierarchies of the house shift and might allow him to act on his desire. (25 minutes) Written and directed by David Figueroa Garcia.

  • A Grand Canal The tragic events of a boat captain trying to collect a debt to save his fleet of boats, as remembered by his ten year old son. (19 minutes) Written and directed by Johnny Ma, produced by Jie Chen.

  • Keep the Change A young man is forced to attend a support group that leads to an unexpected connection. (15 minutes) Written and directed by Rachel Israel, produced by Javian Le. 

  • Total Freak A summer camp horror-comedy about a young teen who pursues a mean girl and discovers a secret about the lake. (9 minutes) Written and directed by Andrew Ellmaker, produced by Brian Birch. 


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