May 27 Sachs Event Sponsorships

The Columbia University Club of South Texas (The Club) is privileged to present Dr. Jeffrey Sachs at his first public presentation in Houston, TX. Incorporated as CUCSTX, Inc., The Club is a Texas-based not-for-profit with 501c3 recognition from the IRS. The mission of The Club is to provide internships for Columbia University students in Texas. All sponsorships will be the sole property of CUCSTX, Inc., and not Columbia University. 

As the event approaches, the availability of benefits, such as the reception with Dr. Sachs before the luncheon, are subject to change. The Club commits to keep all sponsors informed and involved, but no benefits can be guaranteed. Priority will be given to sponsors providing the highest level of support, not the earliest. 

Donations of money, services
(Note 1) or products valued from
Access Speaker Recognition Mention in
Electronic Publicity (Note 3)
Tickets/ Seating
(Note 4)
Table Positioning Exclustivity
$1,500 up to $2,499 Contributing N/A Mention in
Included 5 Best available None
$2,500 up to $4,999 Supporting Meet Sachs at
reception before
luncheon (Note 2)
Mention in 
and invites
Included 7 Best available Within
industries (Note 5)
at event
$5,000 and up Presenting Meet Sachs at
reception before
luncheon (Note 2)
Mention in 
and invites, 
plus signage
in room
Included Table (10) Priority For event


(1) Your sponsorship could include the ability to distribute an electronic invitation and publicity to your contacts, and The Club recognizes such publicity as valuable. Please discuss the size of your network with the event organizer when arranging your sponsorship. 

(2) Access to Professor Sachs cannot be guaranteed. 

(3) Although the first invitations will go out by April 11, your company will be supported in all invitations and publicity as soon as possible. 

(4) Copies of a book by Professor Sachs will appear at each Sponsored Seat. Sponsor has input into book selection, subject to availability. Sachs is strongly committed to signing books after events, but a signature cannot be guaranteed. 

(5) Industries invited include oil & gas, renewable energy, transportation, retail, law, medicine, aerospace, real estate, food/beverage/restaurants. The Club is open to other suggestions. 

Contact George Worthington to negotiate your sponsorship: (713) 256.8965 or [email protected]


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